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25/04/2017 - Media - TV show - in Croatian onlyModern 2D materials #SciChallenge2017

Metals such as iron and copper have been present in our society for thousands of years and since then we have moved a long way. Technology is rapidly moving forward and we require more advanced materials to be used to make that technology sustainable. Silicon is at it’s technological peak meaning that we cannot use it in a more efficient way anymore. As such we have to replace it if we are to continue moving forward with our gadgets and devices. These materials could be found in 2D monomolecular layers. In this project we are talking about those. One may ask why even bother with them when we already have loads of materials. Well the thing is that these materials have some very interesting properties and because of these properties we can use them in all sorts of technologies such as nanorobotics, electronics, biotechnologies, medicine etc. In this project we have synthesized these materials, researched their properties and made a path to further research regarding their practical use in our world today. In the near future, if an opportunity comes, we plan on making a small transistor or solar cell which would have these advanced properties of our 2D materials and in the meantime we are making a big scale model of MoS2. With our research and project we are hoping to raise awareness and interest for this complex and current research of these materials lead by the leading scientists in the world.

Daroviti učenici 15. gimnazije iz Zagreba Petra Ivatović, Ozana Jakšić i Leon Zrnić u sklopu programa ”Zvijezda je rođena” bave se modernim 2D materijalima pod mentorstvom dr. Marka Kralja, dr. Nataše Vujičić te profesora Marka Movrea.  Europsko natjecanje #SciChallenge2017 ima za cilj privući mlade ljude u STEM područje i povećati interes za to područje. Pogledajte na videu što su radili i vidjet ćete da su zavrijedili našu podršku!