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27/02/2019 - Media - High entropy alloys

The latest issue of the Mathematical-Physical Journal is an article of Dr Petar Popcević and Dr Ana Smontara about the high-entropy slits which, due to their extraordinary properties and poor theoretical understanding, are in the focus of research into the physics of condensed matter and material science.

The alloy is a solid solution based on one main element that binds to a small one quantities of other elements (metals or nonmetals) and their structure is generally determined by the main element. Unlike conventional alloys, high entropy alloys consist of five or more elements in approximately equal molar proportions and randomly alternating on nodes of a typically simple BCC or FCC unit cell. Such a simple crystal the structure with high chemical dispersion is stabilized by high entropy of mixing and initiated a paradigm shift in traditional metallurgy.  Unlike conventional alloys, high – entropy alloys have high rigidity and hardness, thermal stability, excellent corrosion resistance, fracture and irradiation … These properties make up highly enteric alloys very interesting for use in biomedical, construction, mechanical, energy and other sectors, and in recent years, turn their attention to considerable attention scientific community.

Read the article in pdf format: High entropy alloys