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21/05/2018 - Lectures and Workshops - LecturesCold Atoms and Quantum Technologies

On Thursday, May 17, our colleague Dr. sc. Ticijana Ban held a public lecture in the Library Bogdan Ogrizović.

The first quantum revolution is caused by understanding and applying the laws of quantum mechanics and has resulted in innovative technologies such as transistors and lasers without which we can not imagine the functioning of today’s society. Today, thanks to our growing ability to manipulate quantum effects in specially designed systems and materials, we are opening the way for a second quantum revolution that will bring new and fresh conceptual platforms for the development of new generation technology with quantum computers, secure data transfer, simulators highly complex molecules and processes, ultra-sensitive sensors and optical clocks.
Cold Atomic Systems are an extremely important platform in the development of new generation technologies with a wide range of potential applications. They are produced in the performance of a magneto-optical stripe using the interaction of atoms, lasers and magnetic fields. Atoms are lasered to the temperature very close to the absolute zero where their quantum nature comes to the point of expression.
The study presents the research on cold atoms that are being conducted at the Institute of Physics,, with perspectives that include the establishment of the Center for Advanced Laser Techniques (CALT), http: //calt.ifs. hr /, to establish a regional node for optical atomic clocks.